Presenting… the YCC logo

The Yarmouth (Maine) Community Center project now has a logo:

YCC Logo

Many thanks to Joline Edwards for developing it.

We look forward to putting this logo to good use going forward as we continue to solicit ideas about community needs and interests which could be better served if Yarmouth had a community center building.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, participating in it, or contributing to it, please contact us!


Large Turnout for Yarmouth Community Center Informational Meeting

The Yarmouth Community Center (YCC) Steering Committee hosted a town-wide meeting in Yarmouth, Maine on Tuesday, September 27. Close to a hundred enthusiastic community members attended for an update and to share their ideas for the YCC.

The community meeting was part of an ongoing outreach effort to create consensus and prioritize the community needs to be served by the YCC.  The recent Aging in Place survey results and the needs of the Food Pantry, among others, served as an impetus for community members to form a steering committee and begin work in earnest on the YCC. The YCC will provide a centralized location for resources, services and multi-purpose, multi-generational space.  Last week’s community meeting featured discussions about the needs of the community and possible sites for the YCC.

The YCC Steering Committee has placed “YCC Suggestion” boxes at the Merrill Memorial Library and Town Hall to encourage townspeople to continue to share ideas on this exciting new endeavor for the town of Yarmouth.  .

For further YCC information, please contact Beth Costello by e-mail (bethcoste “at” or by phone (207-846-1591).

To support the YCC with a donation, please make checks payable to Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (or YCAN), write “YCC” on the memo line,  and send to:

Maura Halkiotis, CPA
PO Box 483
Yarmouth, Maine 04096

Yarmouth Community Center (YCC)

Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YCAN) is sponsoring an exciting and ambitious initiative to create a Yarmouth Community Center (YCC).

Horace and Barbara Horton initiated this idea, then asked YCAN to endorse and sponsor it, which the YCAN Board enthusiastically agreed to do. A community center can offer Yarmouth many benefits, including potentially helping to deliver both existing and new services (see below) to the community.

The YCC Steering Committee includes many community members as well as representatives for many interests. As a member of that committee, I have been asked to reach out to both individuals and community groups in Yarmouth to develop a shared community vision for the YCC.

Other YCC Steering Committee members will lead groups working on:
– design and site selection
– financing
– communications and marketing
– operation and organization

The goal is to create a public space where all members of our community feel a sense of ownership and belonging. The outreach committee is particularly interested in community opinions regarding the scope, size, function, purpose, and location of the YCC.

So far, suggested uses for space at a YCC have included:
– space for the Yarmouth Community Food Pantry
– offices for Yarmouth Community Services, General Assistance
– a senior center
– a thrift store
– meeting space for programs
– storage space for the Health Council (Medical Loan Closet items)

Your input is invaluable as we move forward with the YCC. All ideas generated and supported by the Yarmouth community will shape what the YCC becomes.

Would a group or representative from your organization be available to share your thoughts with me on this project? If so, could you provide a few options for a potential meeting time in the next month or two? Alternatively, I would be happy to conference by phone: 207-846-1591 or communicate by email (bcostell “at”

I look forward to learning about your hopes and ideas for a Yarmouth Community Center!

Many thanks,

Beth Costello
YCC Steering Committee / YCAN Vice President