The Yarmouth Community Center (YCC) initiative is researching the needs of Yarmouth (Maine) residents, determining:
– which needs couldĀ be better met if our town had a Community Center building
– what facilities the building would need to have
– where such a building might be located
– how much it might cost
– how we could raise the funds to build it

This effort is sponsored by Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YCAN), and managed by a steering committee of community volunteers:

YCC Steering Committee

Horace Horton
Barbara Horton
Beth Costello
Cathy Gavin
Bill Goddard
Maura Halkiotis
Charlie Horstmann
Leigh Kirchner
Andy Kittredge
Karen MacNeill
Jack Moore
Mike Morrill
Nat Tupper
Sarah Witte

YCC Steering Committee groups

Outreach to individuals and community groups to help build a vision for YCC
Design concept
Site selection
Communications and Marketing
Operational and organizational topics