Vision Statement

The Yarmouth Community Center (YCC), under the organizational framework of Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YCAN), is planning a community center to provide a centralized hub for services, resources and fellowship. The intent is to create a dedicated space to integrate an excellent but currently fragmented array of programs and services, as well as provide a welcoming space for people of all ages to gather.


  • a friendly welcoming community center in a centrally located, easy to access village location
  • ample parking and accessible design
  • a gathering place for all ages, with cafĂ© amenities, wifi, kitchen and flexible use space to accommodate changing needs
  • large multipurpose, multigenerational space for gatherings, classes, functions and rentals
  • a centralized hub for offices and programs of YCAN, Food Pantry, Community Services, General Assistance, and Medical Loan Closet operations
  • creative partnerships with the Town of Yarmouth, Yarmouth businesses and nonprofits


  • YCC 9600 sf +/-
  • parking: 50 cars, plus area shared (two-way) and on-street parking
  • loading and delivery doors necessary for Food Pantry and Medical Loan


  • March 2016: YCAN charges YCC Steering Committee with planning.
  • September 2016: Community Needs Assessment completed (see report)
  • 2016-2017: Site Selection and fundraising/budgeting
  • 2017: Explore partnerships with Town of Yarmouth and beneficial relationships with private or non-profit sector.
  • 2017: Develop marketing and publicity materials to share with the community.

YCC Steering Committee Members

  • Horace Horton
  • Barbara Horton
  • Beth Costello
  • Cathy Gavin
  • Bill Goddard
  • Maura Halkiotis
  • Charlie Horstmann
  • Lynn Hynes
  • Leigh Kirchner
  • Jack Moore
  • Peter Small
  • Sarah Witte
  • Karyn MacNeill – Town of Yarmouth Liaison

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