Community Center Project Update

The Steering Committee (SC) discussed Locations, Finances, and the Needs Assessment Study at its monthly meeting on May 2nd.

After revisiting Winslow Station, the SC members concluded that paying for code compliancy updates and ADA issues would be rather expensive for our purposes.

SC also explored NYA properties that will be coming on the market. However, after paying for acquisition and renovation, the properties may be too costly. There are also access and parking issues that would need to be resolved.

Beth Costello and Lynn Hynes presented their draft of the Needs Assessment Study for SC review and revision.

Lastly, SC is starting to concentrate on financial aspects, including annual budgets of components of a Yarmouth Community Center (YCC).  For example, the Food Pantry Committee needs to calculate utility and food acquisition costs in order to feed into a total budget for the YCC. The SC will also be working to determine what methods of fundraising will be used.


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