April 3, 2017 Steering Committee Minutes

YCAN Board members Lynn Hynes and Peter Small have joined the Steering Committee.

After investigating Winslow Station as a possible home for the Medical Loan Closet, Mary Conneen, Director of the Health Council’s Medical Loan Closet, notified the Steering Committee that the the location’s expenses would be greater than the Health Council can afford.

The police and fire departments will likely keep their in-town locations, and not seek to use YCC space.

The Steering Committee’s objective, developed in consultation with YCAN, is to find a single location that will be suitable for all agreed-upon uses for the Community Center.

When the Needs Assessment Study is completed (hopefully by May 1st), the Design Concept Phase will begin. Sarah Witte, Janet Hansen, and Frank Oliva have created “Bubble Diagrams” to show alternative space uses for the YCC.

The next step for the project is to seek the Finance Subcommittee’s assistance to develop a budget for the project, then lay out fundraising and financing alternatives.


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