YCC Potential Uses: Storage for Medical Loan Closet

One of many possible roles being considered for a Yarmouth Community Center (YCC) building could be as a new storage location for Yarmouth’s Medical Loan Closet (MLC). The MLC is a medical equipment library: community members can borrow items at no charge, and return them when they are no longer needed.

Mary Conneen, Director of the MLC, shared its history and needs at the most recent YCC steering committee meeting. The Yarmouth Health Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit with about 40 members, has operated the MLC for 60 years to serve a cross section of Yarmouth residents with varying short-term needs. Requests for equipment loans are initiated either by residents or by medical professionals working with residents, and are coordinated by the Yarmouth Health Council (who provide the equipment from 3-5 pm on weekdays) and Yarmouth Community Services (who receive six to eight calls daily asking about equipment loans).

All MLC equipment has been donated by residents, and includes items such as 4-wheeled walkers, wheel chairs, hospital beds, shower/tub seats, crutches, canes, and knee scooters. The MLC’s current storage space is owned by the Town, but space is tight. While new donations are gratefully accepted, it has sometimes been necessary to refuse donations of useful larger items (like recliners) which do not fit in the current storage space.

Mary Coneen said that if the MLC could obtain space about the size of a two-car garage, it would be possible to store items on shelving, which would provide faster and easier access to all pieces of equipment, as well as a safer environment for both volunteers and clients.

The MLC is but one example of neighbors helping neighbors in Yarmouth that might be even more effective if it had access to a bit more dedicated and/or shared space.


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